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KMJ Getting to know ma fans/followers part 20:

What do u do when all the power goes out at ur place and the places around u for 3 days?

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  1. thecutieodd said: I did everything i’d like to, kkk :D
  2. santtalgi said: I would turn it into a super cozy experience. I’d light candles when it gets dark, draw perhaps? I’d be with my parents and try to make things as comfortable as possible XD
  3. not-a-little-too-sweet said: Sleep…
  4. staybymy-side said: find some place to hide with internet connection for 3 days Bl
  5. yeol-bemine said: rot in my house. lol jk. take my dogs out for a walk :3
  6. fuckyeahkimchi said: Sleep LOL
  7. tahaiga said: read books, draw, play with my cats.
  8. wangha said: USE UP ALL THE REMAINING BATTERIES OF LE ELECTRICITY DD: Or xD Finsih Goblet of Fire orrrr Sleep!
  9. dlrama said: i will sleep!
  10. cashmererpy reblogged this from kwak-minjun and added:
    lol i’d dieeeeeeee nah i’d probably read and use up all the power on my laptop, ipod, phone or just sleepp
  11. mwohaji said: Scream LOL joking, i’ll go light some candles up and draw hehe :)
  12. w-iddershins said: I’d probably just read all the time…. I have a lot of candles so that’s ok :3 But without it’s heater my fish would get cold so I’d probably spend all my time trying to keep the tank warm XDD
  13. iamthao said: Play piano in the dark..or at least try to
  14. midori-chii said: Eat. Then sleep. Or maybe I could go to a mall~ There are no power interruptions there~ :D
  15. mintyapples said: I’ll go to the park, have a bonfire with my loved ones, and try to bond more with everyone. I really love candles, so I would light up the whole house with them. I’ll also sit in my front yard and I’ll go stargazing and look for constellations~
  16. s-h-i-r-o-k-u-r-o said: power goes out=the sky will be darker=more beautiful and clearer sky!!!!!!
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    I pray to God that the power will go on again… TT^TT Sometimes, I laugh and cheer up everyone in the house who’s been in...
  18. littleasianangel said: light up candles and sleep lool
  19. tvradio said: Panic and hope I have enough battery in my lamp for 3 days.
  20. parkchanyeols said: cry in a corner.
  21. one-inspiration said: campfire!!
  22. quteecake said: SLEEP :D
  23. hello-brooklyn said: do things that don’t need electricity. Like being able to look at the stars without having to leave home for once. And play some bball with some friends during the day :] simple stuff.
  24. msflower said: I would light candles in the house until the power goes back on. Spend some family time together. A moment without technology would be most treasurable.
  25. robokins said: find a way to entertain myself? sing probably xD
  26. jeweledhours said: I become really bored and just waste time pretty much. t.t
  27. wu-fan said: When that happens, it’s like an opportunity to spend time with family. Sharing funny stories, playing games, things like that. It’s kind of exciting.
  28. pisang--goreng said: Not stay home. Go out and explore!
  29. 0100-am said: drawing & painting, turn on light candles, eat,sleep,play w/ a flashflight for a puppet show, read books, take pictures with my camera, go on a rooftop & look at the nightsky,probably play some sport during the day,hangout with friends & family,etc,
  30. loren-na said: Sleeping and eating sounds good LOL
  31. bacon-kriseu said: that has never happened to me o.o but if it did then im pretty sure my family and i would try our best to manage while thinking that we are living in the days when electricity never existed lol
  32. 3cia0930 said: maybe sleep or go out…..
  33. h0yatic said: probably sleep :3 and sleep and eat. AND SLEEP
  34. omimonstar said: Last time that happened it was in the middle of winter. We had to get to town first, I live 3 miles from town, stock up on things like water, food, candles. Before that though, we had to dig out way out of our driveway. And cut fire wood. Yeah. Fun.
  35. jisatsusakuru said: SLEEP~
  36. leneko said: i will sleep and eat LOL.
  37. neomusarange said: I like to go to the top of a building at night and watch the stars.
  38. soozunxsunshine said: …i don’t know.. go play tennis… read.. eat… nap. play on the nintendo ds or gameboy LOL.
  39. theyoungladycc said: check my cellphone battery. then tweet to ask my friends whose place is fine. then try to move to their place! OR just take shower and sleep :pp
  40. kaissed said: I read and study because I have less distractions >< I’m nerdy.
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    i cant write it in a reply WAAAY TOO LOONG LOL that happened to my family before and thing is my WHOLE family was at my...
  42. dolce-holic said: I eat all the food in the fridge so it doesn’t go to waste because I’m a fatty like that.
  43. lyjanicee said: Such a creative question ! hmm, I’ve never experienced that, but I’d catch up on some sleep, eat lots of food, and probably go out with some friends for some time off of the internet haha (: Although I’d be sad because I can’t check your tumblr D:
  44. wdupjunali said: i read books or spend some time outside (while its daytime) XD
  45. hazardreaction said: LIGHT CANDLES and maybe just spend some quality time with friends/family or do something productive like read or hw…
  46. cvanillaa said: Cry and use my iPhone to look at your Tumblr posts until it dies… LOL. 3 days is so long. What would you even do?